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Guest strip by Alexandria Lee-Goldman.

Alexandria Lee-Goldman, June 24. Phew, sorry for the delay again, but I just had a close encounter with the stern part of a Mercedes, and you have to know that I am an avid bike rider, and if you put two and two together now… okay, enough about my personal problems, let’s keep going here.
So, here’s Alexandria, and she has a nice website she calls Grayscale or Koori Storm or something like that. If you click around a bit there, you’ll eventually wind up on her comics page. Her strips do have a slight manga feel to them, especially Sugar Swans, but they certainly show a very developed authenticity and high technical perfection, too.
Her other comic, Average Jane, was the reason I invited Alex to the guest strip session. The theme is as follows: Take the present day world, reverse anything that exists in a male-female dichotomy, and see what comes out of it. Well, and above you can see what happens if you apply those rules to mekka blue, or should I say, mekko orange, hehehe. Flausch does make a pretty girl, I have to admit ;-)
Besides her comics, she takes photos, portrait illustrations, often that slight erotic undertone.
Thank you, Alex, for this hilarious mekko orange strip! I know it’s not easy to kind of take over someone else’s style, but you made it. Keep up the great work!

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