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I forgive you!

#1: I forgive you! Sold out!

Winter 2003, 40 piece limited edition Sold out!

That’s the original mekka blue t-shirt based on the April 18 strip from 2003. It was announced on October 31, 2003, and available for pre-order on November 8, 2003. The first shirts sold on December 6, and it basically sold out within a month or so. At the end of that Winter, I put up a strip featuring some of the proud t-shirt owners.

Immanuel Kant

#2: Immanuel Kant Sold out!

Spring 2004, 30 piece limited edition Sold out!

It was Kant’s 200th dying day in February, and his 280th birthday on April 22. The t-shirt is honoring the great 18th century philosopher from Königsberg, and commemorating that 2004 is officially declared Kant year. The t-shirt was announced at the end of March 2004, and at the same day available for pre-order. Two weeks later, the production got under way, and the shirt is going to be introduced on 25th of April, the Sunday after Kant’s birthday, April 22nd.

Karl Marx

#3: Karl Marx Sold out!

Summer 2004, 30 piece limited edition Sold out!

For summer, I announced a Karl Marx t-shirt, just in time for this year’s guest strip session, which kicked off on June 17, and ended on July 15. Like the Kant shirt, this one is a limited edition of thirty pieces.

Franz Kafka

#4: Franz Kafka Sold out!

Fall 2004, 42 piece limited edition Sold out!

I got a lot of positive response to the Kafka picture I published in March 2004. So, consequently, I’m making this into a t-shirt, too. I need to add that Andie chose the beautiful colors, it’s a soft orange on a denim-colored textile. The shirts were delayed because someone at the printers had gotten sick, but they did arrive, and they did sell quickly...

#5: Søren Kierkegaard Sold out!

Spring 2005, 30 piece limited edition Sold out!

Almost exactly 150 years ago, Søren collapsed on the streets in Copenhagen, and died soon thereafter. His philosophy made great impact on me over the course of the last two semesters, so all in all, that’s a valid reason for a Kierkegaard shirt, right?

Shirt Schiller Einstein

#6 and #7: Friedrich Schiller and Albert Einstein Sold out!

Summer 2005, 27/40 piece limited edition Sold out!

Albert Einstein died fifty years ago, Friedrich Schiller two hundred years ago. Again, enough reason to print new t-shirts! Both shirts sport famous quotes as backprints: the Schiller tee reads “Seid umschlungen, Millionen!” (“Be embraced, you millions!”) on its back, a quote from his famous Ode to Joy, while Einstein has his controversial “I don’t believe in mathematics” printed on the back.

Shirt Arendt Beethoven

#8 and #9: Hannah Arendt and Ludwig van Beethoven Sold out!

Winter 2005/06, 40/32 piece limited edition Sold out!

Do I need to introduce Beethoven to anyone? Ludwig was born 235 years ago, on 16 December 1770. So, in honor of his birthday, I designed this t-shirt with the famous “hoboe sigh” printed on the back: the 268th measure of the fifth symphony’s first movement.

I’ve received lots of requests for a t-shirt with the portrait of a woman. This year’s logical answer to those requests certainly is famed German-American philosopher Hannah Arendt, who died about a quarter of a century ago. Her work on totalitarianism and her analysis of St.Augustine’s writings are amongst the finest things written in the twentieth century. 2006 sees Hannah’s 100th birthday, by the way.

Prices and payment method

Shirts cost 19 Euros, there are discounts for ordering more than two. If you are interested, please just send me an e-mail, and we’ll arrange everything else then, including shipment and payment method. Inside the Eurozone, it is easy to wire money to my account via the BIC/IBAN system; outside the Eurozone, it is most convenient to use PayPal.

Can I get a different size, color, or kind of t-shirt?

Yes, if you order in time. I usually take B&C shirts, other brands are available upon request.

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