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Guest strip by Chuck Riffenburg.

Chuck Riffenburg, July 6. What a week so far! In this third guest strip week, we’ve seen Greece becoming European soccer champion, the Austrian federal president in a coma, and of course, we have seen incredible guest strips at mekka blue.
And naturally, this is going to be continued today, with mekka blue guest strip veteran Chuck Riffenburg, who recently relocated to Chicago, and who once again surpassed himself with the astonishing amount of work he put into these 550 × 377 pixels here. I mean I never managed to fit seven frames into the mekka blue panel, and I didn’t think it possible either.
Look at the subtle ways he uses to create rhythm throughout the frames: For instance, the way he zooms towards the characters and again away from them, or the way he balances the greys. And keep in mind that all this happens in seven frames within this tiny space he had available. I suppose Chuck’s theater experience is visible here.
So if you haven’t bookmarked Chuck’s journal comic yet, now is a good time to do so. You won’t regret it, I guarantee you.
So, here’s to you, Chuck, thank you for your second guest strip masterpiece for mekka blue!

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