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Romy Schneider T-Shirt

Finally, the Romy shirt! She would have turned 70 the other day. The German quote on the back comes from her first Sissi movie, and reflects how she loathed this role that made her famous. The French quote is from a an interview for French television.

Please order by e-mail, you can find the link at the bottom of the page. For shipping & handling costs etc. take a look at the following price table:

Shirt price: € 19
Delivery: approx. 1 week
Discount for 3+ shirts: € 2 per shirt
S&H (1-2 shirts): € 6
S&H (3+ shirts): ask

Shirt price: $ 23
Delivery: approx. 2 weeks
Discount for 3+ shirts: $ 3 per shirt
S&H (1-2 shirts): $ 8
S&H (3+ shirts): ask

Other fees:
none if paid through IBAN
€/$ 2 via PayPal

I’m sorry I couldn’t keep the prices as low as they once used to be. It was difficult enough to keep them below 20 Euros. I might adjust the dollar price if the exchange rate changes drastically, so keep watching this page if you’re ordering from overseas.

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