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Guest strip by Brad 5 Yen.

Brad Collins, July 14. So far, we’ve had guest strips from Canada, the U.S. of A., Austria, and Indonesia. Today, we’re adding yet another country, or should I say, yet another continent. Everybody open their eyes and mouths for 24-year-old Brad Collins from Down Under! He lives in Melbourne, works there as a croupier, and for no apparent reason, calls himself Brad Five Yen, or Brad 5 ¥ , or whatever.
In any event, he told me that the Japanese signs in the second frame mean something like, You complete me, supposedly a line from a certain Jerry Maguire whom I’ve absolutely never heard of before.
Brad, thank you for catching the mekka blue spirit as nicely as you did. I do speak French, though. But then again, no Japanese. And I wonder where you took my picture from.

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