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Get your Kant t-shirt while you can!

2004 was declared Kant Year because April 22nd will be Kant’s 280th birthday, and on February 12th, he was 200 years dead. So, enough reason for me to make a Kant t-shirt!
The shirts are going to be shipped on his birthday. Please order as soon as possible, otherwise I can’t guarantee I’ll have one in your size.
It’s a limited edition again! That means no reprints. If you order too late, well… you should have ordered earlier :-)
The shirt will be sand colored with a dark brown silkscreen print. Like the last time, it’s going to be of high quality (190g/m2). There are not going to be any XXL shirts because hardly anybody wanted XXL the last time.
I’ll put up a separate Kant t-shirt page later tonight.
Oh yeah. One more thing: Since I’m leaving for Belgium on Saturday, there won’t be any new mekka blues until mid-April. Easter egg hunting with my girlfriend comes first ;-)
Have a good Easter!

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