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Bicycle Beta Breasts.

According to an anonymous webcomic friend of mine, I now crossed the line into webcomic greatness.
What do you think of displaying nudity in a black and white comic? Do I have any readers below the age of 14 (=legal age in Austria)? I don’t think so, but I do know that there are a few 17-year-olds reading mekka blue. I am not sure about the legality of displaying mild suggestive content in black and white drawings to 17-year-olds in every country with internet access on this planet.
Engraving a registered code on your bicycle is free in Vienna. They do it every Wednesday afternoon in the Prater Hauptallee. You give them your name, phone number, and address by filling out a little form, and you get a Fahrrad-Sicherheitspass (which you need to pass on if you sell the bike), and they will call you when they find it.
And Hop’s app service is coming along pretty well. Version 0.1 is extremely stable and working seamlessly. I believe it won’t be long until the first public release.
Oh yes, two L-sized Kant shirts are still left. Get them while you can. :-)

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