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Guest strip by Nozzman.

Bram van Rijen, June 19. For all the people who do not speak Dutch, here’s one of the best reasons to learn it: This is Bram van Rijen all the way from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. A very, very nice guy who happens to have been born exactly one day after me.
Bram works as an art director and ever since he started drawing cartoons, he is better known as Nozzman, and in the meantime has become immensely popular among the Dutch speaking internet surfers. He draws his cartoons not only for his own site, but also for a local radio station, and a lot of other people. He recently made it into the finalist round of an online strip competition for Dutch daily newspaper Volkskrant, but some other undeserving prick got a few votes more. Damn. (I took part too, but I didn’t even make it into the final round, boohoo.)
It’s so sad that some of you poor individuals do not speak Dutch, because let me tell you, you are missing out on something. But exactly for all those poor creatures out there, noble Bram translated a handful of his strips into English, so that you might get a vague idea about what you are actually missing.
And his guest strip for mekka blue, well, is open to interpretation, but I can tell you this much: a man in women’s clothing doesn’t realize where that smell comes from. I’ve been thinking for hours how this can be interpreted in relation to mekka blue :-)))
Bram, bedankt voor die leuke strip, en misschien kunnen we de volgende keer dat ik in Nederland ben, samen een biertje gaan drinken! (Onze verjaardagen vieren of zoiets.)

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