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Guest strip by David Twomey.

David Twomey, June 26. Another day, another guest strip. Here is David Twomey from England, which has become a country of sorrow, pity, and scapegoating two days ago, when Portugal kicked them out of the European Championships in a breathtaking penalty drama, after which even David Beckham had to admit his mortality.
But even while everything around him is sinking into utter grief, David Twomey stands strong, and whips out a great guest strip for mekka blue. And here it is, sporting him and… ahem, me.
When he sent it to me, he told me to not break up with Femke just yet, otherwise it’d spoil his punchline. Oh well, I can’t say anything specific about it at this point. It’s a classic in limbo situation, and I’ll see her again in mid-July, and mekka blue readers will get the news first. :-)
Especially for those who stumbled across Kean Soo’s JCJ, David is best known for his journal comic em world which is published on Eye Machine, an internet mag he does together with two friends of his, or should I say, it used to be, since the whole website has been on a bit of a hiatus for a while. But as long as it is only labelled “hiatus”, there’s hope for us em world fans.
David, thank you for your hilarious mekka-blue-themed guest strip, and hopefully (for me, at least) you won’t have to carry me any time soon…

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