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Guest strip by Christof Trimmel.

Christof Trimmel, June 27. Hey, ho, hey, ho! The Netherlands qualified for the semifinals! Go Oranje go! The next game will be tough, though.
In any event, this Christof Trimmel from Austria. I believe he is from Vienna, but I never asked him about it. Oh well, what does it matter. What I can say is that he (obviously) studies Physics and (less obvious, this one:) P.P.P. (that’s the weirdest possible combination of Philosophy, Psychology, and Pedagogics, usually aimed at turning students into teachers at one point) at our Alma Mater, the University of Vienna.
As he says himself, and he says it very well, his strip serves the sole purpose of letting the world know that physicists are human beings, too. This necessity arose out of the experience of a number of experiences by him and other physics students, similar to the one shown in the strip here. So, people, let me tell you that physics students are nice people. So incredibly nice, actually, that they may even submit guest strips to mekka blue.
Christof is an avid Renault 4 fanatic, and has been drawing comics for a while, one of his rare and very much sought for early works being Die fliegende Kuh Vs. The Evil Dr. Bäh.
Christof, dankeschön für den Gastcomic, ist sehr lustig! Hey, wenn du PPP studierst, müsstest ja öfters am NIG sein. Wennst dich traust, gehma mal in die Mensa ein Mittagessen gemeinsam ausheben :-)

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