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Guest strip by David Hogg.

David Hogg, June 28. You guys won’t believe this, but I am sitting here at the final exams of my school while the kids have their oral exams (written exams were finished a couple of weeks ago) right in front of me! The downside is that I don’t exactly have any internet access here, so I can only upload this afterwards, and I won’t exactly be able to add a lot of links today.
Nevertheless, I am proud to present you the second British contribution to this year’s guest strip sessions, this time by the amazingly talented graphic designer David Hogg.
David has been doing a journal comic for quite some time, but unfortunately, as it seems to happen with British journal comics recently, it has been on a coffee break for a few weeks now.
For his guest strip, David chose to do an hommage to his most important comic drawing and illustrating idols. If you look closely, you can find a few big names, like, for instance American journal comic star James Kochalka, whom I also have invited for this year but who, to my knowledge hasn’t responded. Oh well, maybe next year, then.
Thanks, David, for this beautiful comic/graphic combo! When I will do such an hommage at some point in the future, you can count on being on it. ;-)

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