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Guest strip by Jingu.J

Jhosephine a.k.a. Jingu.J, July 15. Alright, folks, we started this year’s session with a girl from Indonesia, and since we all love symmetry so much, we’ll also finish this year’s session with an Indonesian girl. So, just like last year, I present you Jingu.J, or Jhosephine, as she’s actually called.
Jingu, who also draws Star Booze, is not only a mekka blue guest strip veteran, but also one of the longest standing journal comic artists on the web. Keep in mind that when she started out, she was a mere sixteen years old, which also makes her one of the youngest journal comic people on the net that I’d know of. She is, amongst other things, featured in an article about webcomics that I wrote last year, and, of course on the Journal Comic Jam, where yours truly puts his arm around her.
In her guest strip, Jingu tells a true story. Yes, this actually happened to her some two weeks ago, and see how nicely it just fits onto mekka blue with its classic topic, the sexual dilemma, and in this case, the bi-sexual dilemma.
Jingu, thank you for this journal comic classic, a really nice and beautiful ending to this year’s more than four weeks of great guest strips!

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