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Guest strip by Pontus Madsen.

Pontus Madsen, July 3. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the one and only Pontus Madsen, webmaster, geek star and keeper of online comic Little Gamers, the comic known for its 1337 5p34k, its pr0n, its political jokes, and its certain je ne sais quoi.
So, Little Gamers has been around since 2000, originally hosted on GameSpy, and in the meantime, they got so outrageously well-known that they have had their own music video, countless reviews and interviews, and they have even been plagiarized and made fun of.
As for the strip, the German translates to something like, “What do you get when you copy a pirate?” — “Pirated copy.” Okay, okay, it’s not really translateable, so go learn German if you wanna get a laugh out of it!
Pontus, thank you for this great guest strip! Let me know when I can return the favor at one point in the future.

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