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Trip to the Low Lands.

So this is what happened while I was gone. Contrary to what I had announced, I pretty much skipped The Hague, by the way.
Fietsen means bicycle riding. And it’s the thing in the Netherlands. They have no gears, and no brakes, except for the backpedal brake which they call terugtraprem. (Alright, so if you ever happen to need that word, don’t say I didn’t tell you, hehe.)
Simon and Garfunkel delivered a funny show, but the sound was just terrible. I paid 70 Euros for lots of feedbacks and terrible acoustics! At one point, Art Garfunkel had to stop singing because the feedback got so bad, and they didn’t even repeat that song!
But the folks sitting next to me were super-friendly, treated me to two beers. I gave them my e-mail address, but unfortunately, they never wrote back.
And in case you make it to Amsterdam any time soon, you gotta go to Eleven, before they have to close in 2006 due to reconstruction of the building.

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