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Girl watching.

Actually, it was called, “Klassik-Picknick”. There was a huge PA system, thusly LOUD music. :-) And Andy and I had way too much food with us. But what the heck…
BTW, I made guest strip for Diesel Sweeties. Well, I was not invited to the guest strip week in the first place, and then I asked Richard (the guy who does Diesel Sweeties) whether I could still submit a guest strip. He was rather negative, but would take a look at whatever I’d send him and decide then. Well, what can I say, I guess he liked it :-) As for the meaning behind this strip: The two characters you see are supposed to be ex-porn-star Maura Glee and Electron Mike. Mike has made passes at Maura, and more recently, Maura did flirt a little with him.
So, I took the two and put them into a Philosophy Battle: Immanuel Kant’s imperative translates into, “Do unto others as you want others to do unto you.” And Socrates’ motto can be reformulated to: “Only consume what’s really necessary.” Maura thusly does unto Mike as she wants him to do unto her, and he in return would not take advantage of the situation, since it’s not really necessary. Does this make sense to anybody?
Whatever, I hope you like it. ;-)

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