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Guest strip by Die Rübe.

Die Rübe, June 11th. I mean I’ve seen a lot in the world of journal comics, but German-speaking vegetables, plants, and snails as the main characters, that’s quite unique but die Rübe does it, and it does so very well. While you check out their website, make sure you peak into the archives, where, amongst countless other strips, you might also find Rübe’s birthday greetings for my 28th birthday. This, by the way, also forms our first non-English strip in this year’s session. Let me try and give those of you who don’t speak any German a rough translation:
Upper frame, left to right: “Is this the guest strip for mekka blue?” – “Yes, but I think I’ll do it over again. After all, there are no primary sexual organs, and no weird sexual practices in it.”
Lower frame: “In the meantime…” – “Alright girlies, get ready for this.” – “I’ll treat you to an ultra-hot wind-pollination!” So much for weird sexual practices.
Danke, liebe Rübe! Vielleicht schaffen wir ja im Sommer ein kleines Journal-Comic-Gipfeltreffen!

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