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Guest strip by Leo Leowald.

Leo Leowald, June 28th. This is what you get when you try to translate German into English too literally. Actually, parts of it are untranslateable since English knows no word genders. So if you wanna get the gist of this great strip here, you need to at least speak one language that has word genders, including a neutral one. (So that leaves us with Greek, Latin, German, Russian and Finnish, right?)
By the way, the Fraumensch phenomenon occurs in Afrikaans too, where people speak of vroumense. And, I believe not a lot of people know this, there is a neutral form of German Mensch (yes, das Mensch!), meaning woman. What’s more, in some rural southern (especially Lower Austrian) dialects, das Mensch connotes a girl or girlfriend.
And if you want to read an absolutely stunning, Flash-based journal comic with true daily updates, then you better freshen up your German and click yourself over to Leo’s hilarious, slightly surrealistic “Zwarwald”. A true gem, if I may interject this at this point.
Danke lieber Leo, es ist herrlich! (Und ich meine damit nicht nur das Kompliment für die Frisur, hehehe.)

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