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Guest strip by Boris Nienke.

Boris Nienke, June 6th. Welcome to day eight of this year’s guest strip sessions! So, the first week is over, but there is still a lot coming your way, we’re not even close to halftime.
Up until now, we’ve had five nations represented in the sessions, so now it’s time for a sixth one: Put your hands together for Boris Nienke a.k.a. nSonic from Germany. We got to know each other a couple of months ago when he commisioned me to draw a few graphics for him. Thinking of which, I just realize that I still need to do them. Ahem.
Hey Boris, danke für den Gastcomic! Und die Grafiken kommen bestimmt, ich mein hüstel sie sind so gut wie räusper beinahe angefangen…

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