mekka blue

Guest strip by David Hogg.

David Hogg, June 8th. Yes, it’s true, the mekka blue format is 550 × 377 pixels. Why? Well, I guess it just turned out that way. In any event, dear guest artists, you gotta make the most of that space!
Take good old David Hogg as a shining example: See how he uses each and every available one of the 207,350 pixels so most effectively and impressingly to get his message across. — “Easy,” you might interject, “after all, he has done a guest strip before.” True, true, and this is one of the few remaining pieces of evidence that he once used to have a journal comic, which unfortunately seems to have disappeared completely from the surface of the internet. Please correct me if I’m wrong. (Please let me be wrong!)
Thanks, David, for your meta guest strip! Any chance we might see your cartoon journal archives back online again in the near future?

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