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Guest strip by Magnus Hølvold.

Magnus Hølvold, July 8. So, now we’re moving further north, all the way up to Norway, where this guy comes from. His name is Magnus Hølvold and he has been mekkablued before.
As you can conclude from the picture, Magnus has been going through a sort of depressive phase ever since he’s been between jobs, as I prefer to call it. And he really had a few bad hair days, but hey, things can only get better now, right?
Magnus runs his own weblog, and inspired by this very guest strip, he re-started an old comic he did. It’s called Honestly, and it now transformed into a journal comic. Oh, and while you’re at it, take a look at his webcam page, ahem.
Thank you, Magnus, for your Overtilt Orange, good luck with your new journal comic, and you hang in there.

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