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Guest strip by Barbara Nedved.

Barbara Nedved, July 9. Once again, we have tits on mekka blue. What? Hey, don’t point your fingers at me, it’s not my fault. It’s hers: Barbara Nedved from Vienna, Austria. I’ve got nothing to do with it, trust me. ;-)
Barbara recently finished the Graphic Design Master Class at the Graphische, which also happens to be the school where I teach typography. Barbara was not in any of my classes this year, even though she did take part in an unofficial FontLab course I gave together with another Graphische teacher.
After she finished school, she set up her website where you can find her journal comic, which she hasn’t updated in the past week because she has been on a trip through Italy, as far as I know.
Ahem, Barbara, thanks for your, erm, strip. And good luck with your own journal comic, I guess. :-)

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