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Guest strip by Reinhard Liebe.

Reinhard Liebe, July 10. No tits today, but the hard aftermath: pubic hair in your mouth. This too can be read in the context of the boobie affair.
This is singer and songwriter Reinhard Liebe, recently best-known for “Mit Liebe entbinden”, his birth preparation CD featuring a rather rare set of instruments, like the didgeridoo, the violin, and the harmonica.
He has done a guest strip before, namely the very last one in the 2003 sessions. In this one, just like in the last one, he deals with disability. For anyone who knows him, this doesn’t come as a surprise because he has been partially paralyzed ever since he had suffered a stroke.
Can you tell he’s my therapist? yes, yes, he does psychotherapy, too, and very well so, I may add. Just look at me, hey. :-)
Herr Liebe, vielen Dank für den Gastcomic und im Namen aller Leser auch danke für die Erweiterung unseres sexuellen Horizonts!

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