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Guest strip by Phil Cho.

Phil Cho, July 11. So here we go, we are slowly but surely moving towards the end of this year’s guest strip sessions, but let me assure you, you still have a few gems coming! For instance, take today’s guest strip artist Phil Cho. He is the guy behind Skinny Panda, or should I say, he is Skinny Panda.
Phil runs, or should I say, used to run this hilarious comic strip on his website, but for reasons unknown to mortals like me, he hasn’t blessed us with an update in a while. But in case you haven’t done so yet, you absolutely gotta click yourself through his archives, it is definitely worth it.
For this special occasion, Phil (who must be fun to hang around with) adapted the classic mekka blue black and white style for his autobiographic character, and he did it in such a way that I couldn’t possibly have done it any better.
Hey ho Phil, thank you for this cool guest strip, I really feel honored when I see how nicely you have driven the mekka blue style to perfection.

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