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Guest strip by Bex.

Rebecca Veverka, June 23. So, here we are, finishing off the first week of guest strips for this year’s session. And I present you no one less than online comic shooting star Rebecca Veverka from good ol’ Cleveland, Ohio.
Rebecca, or simply Bex, draws a Harry-Potter-inspired comic called, “Grand Blue Door”. If I got it right, it is a fantasy comic about a hotel for the supernaturally gifted, and she actually manages to maintain a more or less strict update schedule. And while I usually am not such a big fantasy comic fan, this one is indeed enjoyable to read. On top of that, Rebecca does tutorials and stuff, as well as take care of her cats, as we can see in her guest strip. Or should I say, they take care of her, in their own special way?
Bex, thanks a lot for your cat-themed guest strip! As a matter of fact, I used to have cats as well, but it’s been a while now. And all the best with your votes, BTW. ;-)

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