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Guest strip by Linda Führing.

Linda Führing, June 29. So, everybody, sorry for the delay, I gave another round of final exams today, and today’s guest strip artist has had her final exam, too, so please accept our excuses. While I’m at it, I wanna say hello to all my students who are reading this strip today.
So, this is my flat mate and land lady in one person, Linda. She studies Spanish at the University of Vienna, and she lives right next door here. Linda works for globalization critical radio%attac (no typo), and guess what, they have all their programs online, so you can listen to Linda on the internet!
As for the joke mentioned in the strip, I have to admit that I couldn’t remember it when Linda talked about it to me today. But then, she re-explained it to me: A boy and a girl meet, and they can’t really find something to talk about together, so at one point, they both pull out their laptops and start chatting with each other, and she sends to him, “Why didn’t you mention earlier that you had your laptop with you?”
But then again, I don’t think I ever told the joke. I think I pointed her to another comic strip.
Linda, thank you for this flat mate strip! (And sorry for always being late on the rent, hehehe.)

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