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Guest strip by Laura.

Laura, July 1. Opening the third guest strip week, I present you infamous Laura of Laura’s Comics fame. She does a sort of journal comic called IQ Prerequisite that hasn’t been added to the Jam yet (Kean do you read this?!), but is a very worthwhile read nonetheless, and recently reached the magic mark of one hundred strips.
Speaking of recently, just the other day, she started a promising second comic called Leftovers.
She started IQ Prerequisite not even a year ago, in August 2003, to be precise. Well, I have to admit she is a little more productive than I am, after all, even though the guest strip you see up there is a shameless plug of one of her comics.
Laura, thank you very much for taking part in this year’s guest strips session, it was truly an honor to have you at the party!

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