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Guest strip by David Nelson.

David Nelson, July 5. Hey, ho! Today I have the pleasure to present you budding webcomic artist David Nelson who does a relatively new comic called Suburbatory. If I got it right, he is responsible for Christopher Graphics.
In any event, he’s been doing Suburbatory since last year’s September 11. The other comic he is hinting at here is Chris Bishop’s Her!, an occasionally violent Girl vs. Pig story with a cool randomizing feature.
Please note how Dave portrays himself like a mekka blue character, and his webcomic alter ego like in his Suburbatory strips, even when it comes to the use of fonts and speech bubbles, even though he could have anti-aliased the mekka blue font a bit more.
Dave, thank you for your guest strip, and good luck with getting that spot on her, erm, Her!

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