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Remember Karen?

We went to eat at a nice Spanish bodega called Cádiz which is a few blocks from where I live. And what can I say? I used to organize the reunions, yes. I believe there were two of them, the last one at a cinema in Vienna. And Karen (not her real name) was one of our highschool buddies, and oooops, it was not intentional, I swear. God is my witness! :-)
After the funny misunderstanding between Conny and me, I immediately announced turning this into a mekka blue, which I now did. Hope you like it.
In further news, check out the new linkpage and my wishlist. So in case you want to give me something for Christmas or my birthday (March 8th, but any other date is equally welcome, hehe), all you have to do is click that link, and I’ll be happy!

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