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Guest strip by Claartje van Swaaij.

Claartje van Swaaij, May 30. Welcome everyone to this year’s mekka blue guest strip sessions, which are certainly going to be the biggest and greatest sessions in the history of mekka blue. You will see a few veterans who agreed to whip out another one this year, but you will also see a lot of first-timers, such as young Dutch actress Claartje van Swaaij (a.k.a. Cableclair), who kicks off this year’s sessions. She used to have a fairly big comicblog online which mysteriously vanished from the net when she redesigned her website, and is now, according to reliable sources, in the process of being reconstructed again.
However, this is not Claartje’s first appearance on mekka blue: She was my conversation partner in a strip earlier this year, and became the subject of the ensuing boytalk—well, twice actually.
Hartstikke bedankt, Claartje, en tot de volgende keer!

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